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and the art of Thriving

How to create long term harmonious passion in your life

Power in Silence

Power in Silence
How to reset your mind to have intrinsic motivation, internal reward, focus, and success

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The Winning Cup

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Being Present
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Illuminating our Multicultural Colors
Teaching from a place, which celebrates our diversity.

A Contemporary

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A Contemporary Approach


New Renaissance Leadership
Creating and Inspiring Legacy and Art
in Our Lifestyles
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 Sandra Molendyk


Ready for Success

Confidence through: Imagery, Focus, and Silence

When opportunity knocks, are you ready to answer with confidence?

Today, I will provide three methods to create confidence and readiness in your life. The first method is to run positive imagery scenarios, the second method is to create energy through focus, and the third method is to create confidence through silence.

But first, I will talk about what gets in the way of feeling confident and ready to act.

Have you ever procrastinated because you didn’t feel ready to do something?

The ego is probably responsible for this. The ego, is never ready when you are, because the ego is fixated on the past and future and it is not oriented to succeed in the present moment.

The Brain: Past, Present, and Future, Joy and Connectedness

Have you ever heard of the expression: "when somebody is judging you, they are judging themselves?" Well, this is most likely true, because this is how the ego and left hemisphere of the brain work.

The left hemisphere of the brain is detail-oriented, it is the “I am” part of the brain responsible for math, planning, and language, and it is also ego-oriented. We need to be detailed at work, because we live in a world where details matter. And because of this we may experience our own worst critic. For instance, we may think about how we failed someone in the past, and how this may affect us in our future.

To feel confident, we do need the left hemisphere to create task mastery, but we also need to tap into the right side of the brain to feel happiness and confidence.

The right hemisphere is concerned with the bigger picture, as well as music, art, and holistic viewpoints. It is the “we” part of the brain, and it is concerned with the present moment and being present. The right side of the brain can lead to joy, peace, and euphoria and we can experience ourselves as being whole, beautiful and perfect.

In another post I talked about seeing the Buddha. When you see and experience Buddha, you become the next Buddha.

I would like to add to this statement with information from Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. She is a Harvard neuroscientist who stated “The more time we spend choosing to run the deep inner peace circuitry of our right hemispheres, the more peace we will project into the world, and the more peaceful our planet will be.” In other words, when you are living in peace and harmony, others can experience peace and harmony, because of the connective nature of our right hemispheres.

Both sides of the brain can work together to benefit each other. We have the choice to willingly focus on both the details and the big picture. A simple way to utilize both sides of the brain, is to let yourself be caught up in your work.

Another method, is to include both hemispheres through imagery.

Running Positive Scenarios through the Super Computer of your Mind

Imagery is the first method we will utilize to create confidence and readiness in your life. Imagery activities “expand and deepen mental performance”. When you gain control over your imagery, you gain control over your inner and outer lives. This is known as harmonious integration.

Our mind is a super computer with an experience simulator. We can transform problems into solutions by running positive imagery through this experience simulator. Our mind is not able to distinguish between imagined and real experiences, and this works to our advantage because we can switch on the aspects of our brain which encourage confidence, happiness, and high performance.

Creating Energy to Succeed and Advance

The second method to succeed is to create energy through focus. Energy flows to where the focus is. If you think about how tiring your day was, your brain agrees, and you feel tired. Your brain will then replay all the tiring moments of your day, perhaps many times over.

When you think about having a great day, how confident you are, and how successful you are, your brain will provide you with multiple ways to have a great day, it will prove to you how confident you are, and it will provide methods to create success. To create energy to succeed and advance, spend time focusing on energizing thoughts.

Muscles Twitching: the Importance of Creating Confidence through Silence

The third method to create confidence and success is to create silence in your mind and body.

Relaxation creates silence, and stops the distraction caused by the ego. This calms you and clears your mind, and you are now focusing on the present moment – you are aware, you have confidence, and you can obtain best practice solutions because you are connected to consciousness.

This is important because even imagined thoughts and sounds cause tension in the muscles used for listening, seeing, and talking. When you find yourself being evaluative and imagining what you are doing wrong, your muscles twitch as if this is happening.

Creating silence, running positive imagery scenarios, and creating energy, will help you to reset you day with confidence and readiness.

Inoculating your day to Experience Confidence and Readiness

Here is one method to inoculate you from the cruel judgment of your left brain, and start your day with confidence and readiness. When you wake up in the morning, spend a few minutes doing something enjoyable. I like to take a few moments before opening my eyes in the morning, to run through each of the three methods talked about tonight. After a few minutes, I feel bliss and euphoria. My goal is to expand this state through the rest of my day.


Remember, that we do need to be detail oriented in the workforce. But it makes a much nicer day when this is balanced with the pleasing aspects the right hemisphere. Utilizing both sides of the brain means we are ready to succeed. To create confidence and readiness in your life, utilize the three methods discussed in this speech. Find silence, to calm your mind and body. Run positive scenarios to create harmonious integration, and create energy and readiness through focus.


If you would like to experience the power of confidence through imagery, focus, and silence:

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Written by Sandra Molendyk, November 23, 2011.

Based on Sandra Molendyk’s Thesis: the impact of spirit engagement (being present) on elite athlete competence, confidence, joy, and flow in their athletic performance, 2010-2011.


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