Personal and Organizational Success in Business
Sandra Molendyk


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and the art of Thriving

How to create long term harmonious passion in your life

Power in Silence

Power in Silence
How to reset your mind to have intrinsic motivation, internal reward, focus, and success

The Winning Cup

The Winning Cup

How Engagement, Confidence, Imagery, And Flow Can Help You and Your Company to Achieve Business Excellence


Elite Athlete Confidence 

Elite Athlete Competence, Confidence and Flow


Servant Leadership for Healers 

Servant Leadership for Healers


Being Present

Being Present
in Life, Work
and Relationships
Compressed YouTube Video


Illuminating our multicultural colours

Illuminating our Multicultural Colors
Teaching from a place, which celebrates our diversity.

A Contemporary

Empowering Communities
A Contemporary Approach


New Renaissance Leadership
Creating and Inspiring Legacy and Art
in Our Lifestyles
and Organizations

Welcome To Peak Experience


 Sandra Molendyk


Why I am worth it!

I offer practical methods that work in personal, business and other life situations:

  • Experience confidence and joy in all aspects of your life
  • Own your space - express leadership presence
  • Be fully present
  • Transcend difficult relationships and situations
  • Be relevant and provide services and products that matter

All of my endeavors and thoughts are centered on developing:

  • Meaningful lives and interactions
  • Valuable work, services, and products
  • How I can be of service to facilitate a better future for you, our organizations, communities, and environment

I have come to understand how important it is understand others and care.

There is a deep need in us to connect, to matter, to strive for better. We suffer when we do not have wholeness, connection, and meaning in our lives. When we are not fulfilled, our acts become addictions which do not add value and meaning to our lives.

How many endless hours do you need to work at a job with no meaning, or in a relationship which does not matter?

I can facilitate your ability to experience deep commitment, deep fulfillment, and deep connection.

  • Being with yourself and others in a caring manner which has meaning feels good
  • Joy is right
  • Happiness and oneness is natural and fulfilling
  • It means everything that we experience joy, oneness, and fulfillment
  • It makes a difference to have a life which matters and is not shallow

Why Peak Experience?

Peak Experience was born out of the understanding that:

  • I can facilitate your journey of peak potential and existence.

  • The world needs you to be fully functioning and attaining your personal best.

  • I have the desire and ability to support you in your journey to becoming a better leader.
  • I can help you to become your personal best.


Finding answers to the following questions are core to Peak Experience:

  • How can you service the world and make it a better place?

    • Where do you fit in life?

    • What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats? (link)

    • What are you goals and your dreams?

    • What are your nightmares, struggles, and despairs?

    • What are your unique skills and understandings?

    • And how can you facilitate personal, community, and global change?

I believe:

The answers to these questions come from you being present and confident.

  • I can help you to create answers, presence, and confidence.

Your knowledge of where you fit in and what you need to do in life, a well as the energy and motivation to do what you need to do, comes from being present, understanding your situation and the people you work with, and experiencing flow and self actualization.

  • I facilitate understanding, competence, joy, flow, and peak experiences in all aspects of your life

  • I have a passion for helping you be the leader only you can be with your unique gifts, skills, and understandings


Solving your personal, work and world (or community) issues with the greatest potential, requires you to:

  • Become a fully developed human being with maximized potential
  • Experience peak experiences, joy, and top quality friendships and relationships


Long term legacy requires:

  • Actions/outcomes obtained at high levels of challenge and ability

  • Internal motivation and reward

  • Harmonious passion, focus, and vision


I consult for people in business, athletics, the performing arts, and the healing arts. I know how to create:

  • Vision

  • Focus

  • Harmonious passion

  • Intrinsic motivation

  • and internal reward


I have gained recognition for my ability to connect and listen with empathy while fostering performance, leadership, and mentorship potential in business leaders, elite athletes, and teams. When clients utilize my methods, they are able to increase their confidence and ease during high stress situations and during important races, and finish with exceptional outcomes and personal bests.


I have the following credentials:

  • 20 years of consulting experience
  • Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University:
    • I graduated with excellence
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Servant Leadership from Gonzaga University:
    • I graduated with excellence
  • Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Simon Fraser University
  • Degree in Environmental Science and Physical Geography.
  • I studied with many fascinating clients, mentors at the top of their field, and educated authors who are also  leaders in their field

I have written extensively on the topics of:

  • The impact of spirit engagement (being present) on elite athlete competence, confidence, joy, and flow in their athletic performance (masters thesis)

  • The impact of being present and its implications for business professionals and athlete in terms of leadership abilities as well as their personal lives and relationships

My work has both theoretical and practical value:

The methods I have developed and utilize have a transferable application to similar studies including the impact on non-elite and non-athletic individuals, business professionals, entertainment, and other types of performance situations where stress, fear, and ego hamper confidence, joy, ethical motivation, and peak experience.

I currently write about:

  • How elite athlete spirit engagement, confidence, imagery and flow can help you and your company achieve business excellence.
  • The heart of success: What you need to do to get stronger, smarter, and confident.