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and the art of Thriving

How to create long term harmonious passion in your life

Power in Silence

Power in Silence
How to reset your mind to have intrinsic motivation, internal reward, focus, and success

The Winning Cup

The Winning Cup

How Engagement, Confidence, Imagery, And Flow Can Help You and Your Company to Achieve Business Excellence


Elite Athlete Confidence 

Elite Athlete Competence, Confidence and Flow


Servant Leadership for Healers 

Servant Leadership for Healers


Being Present

Being Present
in Life, Work
and Relationships
Compressed YouTube Video


Illuminating our multicultural colours

Illuminating our Multicultural Colors
Teaching from a place, which celebrates our diversity.

A Contemporary

Empowering Communities
A Contemporary Approach


New Renaissance Leadership
Creating and Inspiring Legacy and Art
in Our Lifestyles
and Organizations

Business, Sport, and Life Related Testimonials


Reference written by Larry Spears
President, The Spears Center for Servant-Leadership
Author-editor of thirteen books, including:
Spirit of Servant-Leadership (2011)

Larry Spears

"Sandy has gained recognition as a sports shaman. I believe that Sandy exhibits a number of outstanding traits as a servant-leader, especially empathy, listening, and healing. I have witnessed an extraordinary depth of character and commitment.

"Sandy is deeply committed to growing as a servant-leader, and she seeks to serve others in their own spiritual journey. That is a winning combination in my book, and the essence of servant-leadership." February 13, 2011



Reference written by Anja Hartleb-Parson
President, Lead Your Self
Vice President of Research, Intellectual Takeout

Anja Hartleb-Parsons

"Sandy is one of the most dedicated and helpful professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. She is extremely responsive, proactive and always tries to think of new ways to assist others in improving their work and work experience. I found her attention to detail and ability to provide in-depth feedback enormously valuable. Her work is original, creative, engaging and filled with benevolent spirit." May 24, 2011



Reference written by Steven Sanzo
President, SRDC
Director of Special Projects, SRO Housing Corporation

Steve Sanzo

“Sandra has the ability to explore concepts, questions and problems from all angles to arrive at the optimum conclusion in the particular situation. She is as trustworthy an individual as I have ever met, and inspires the best in others. For this reason, Sandra will be a great leader and facilitator who cares about organizational goals as well as individuals' goals.” April 25, 2011



Reference by D.
Owner and President

"Sandra is worth a lot more than anyone else I have ever talked to. I am very comfortable with her. I have not trusted anyone this much, ever. In one session, she cleared 80% of my issues, and I have stopped thinking about them.

"Sandra is very easy, comforting and refreshing to talk to. The entire time I worked with her, I felt clearing and cleansing of my deep and personal issues. She is open, accepting, articulate, and expressive, with unlimited potential.

"She saw my potential and what I was worth and now I can see it too. I highly recommend Sandra." Feb 27, 2012


Recent comments about Sandra's work
(from Olympic/elite athletes and business leaders)

(taken from an anonymous communication audit December 20, 2010).

1. "Sandy is an exceptionally gifted transformational coach. On days when I couldn't get it together, I remembered what Sandra taught me, and I was able to get focused and really surprise myself with my results."

2. "I am intrigued and "wowed" by Sandra’s skills/gift. I hope you continue to make a difference in other's lives the way you have for me."

3. "I think because Sandra has competed herself in triathlon events, she understood the anxiety that you go through before a race. She helped me to put things in perspective and to be in touch with my spirit and not just let my ego rule. I am still learning how to make my ego and my spirit join together, but I now know when my ego has taken over!"

4. "Sandra has a diversity of services that she offers. She is very multitalented."

5. "My talks with Sandra were around sports, but I think that there are lots of parts of my life that I need to apply similar skills. I would like to know how to be a peace with where you are and who you are everyday."

6. "She really emphasizes key points, I like it when her thoughts of where she feels I am at resonate with where I am at and fit with the daily plan. Experiential practices. Patience, acceptance, empathy."

7. "She listened to me, she was very gentle with me, and explained what was going to happen. She made me feel at ease and told me what she was sensing at her end."

8. "Her sensitivity, enthusiasm, genuine care and concern for me, is very evident. She radiates love and concern for people and all life. I like that she mixes spirituality, emotional health and care for the environment seeing all as interconnected and applies this view in her sessions."

9. "She really lets you know what’s going on and talk things through with you. I felt really relaxed in her presence."

10. "She has a connection with you right away, almost as if she's psychic."

11. "I think Sandra understands feelings of non confidence and insecurities in one’s abilities, so she is able to provide good skills to be used to boost one's confidence and to feel capable of being the best you can be."

12. "She can sense my energy so she always knows when we have had success with our work. It is not based on an hour appt, it could be 15 minutes, it could be 3 hours, whatever is needed."

13. "I think she should keep doing her sessions, they are highly valuable overall and necessary. I think she should just believe in herself, her integrity and do as many sessions as she can, they are very helpful. She definitely has a calling to do this work it is evident when I had a session with her. I suggest she do as she is and that is to continuing working on her own personal development and wellbeing which I think based on what she has told me she is committed to for life.

14. "I was attracted to the abundance of subjects which she covers, and the sincerity which comes across from her marketing material and by speaking with her."

15."You vibrate high, and are helping to raise the consciousness of the planet. You are such a good, compassionate, caring, hardworking, excellent human being. Keep up the good work."

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