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and the art of Thriving

How to create long term harmonious passion in your life

Power in Silence

Power in Silence
How to reset your mind to have intrinsic motivation, internal reward, focus, and success

The Winning Cup

The Winning Cup

How Engagement, Confidence, Imagery, And Flow Can Help You and Your Company to Achieve Business Excellence


Elite Athlete Confidence 

Elite Athlete Competence, Confidence and Flow


Servant Leadership for Healers 

Servant Leadership for Healers


Being Present

Being Present
in Life, Work
and Relationships
Compressed YouTube Video


Illuminating our multicultural colours

Illuminating our Multicultural Colors
Teaching from a place, which celebrates our diversity.

A Contemporary

Empowering Communities
A Contemporary Approach


New Renaissance Leadership
Creating and Inspiring Legacy and Art
in Our Lifestyles
and Organizations

Ahead of the Curve with Maximum Potential


Build upon your success and your organization's success
Develop emotionally intelligent leadership by utilizing methods proven to create success. These methods foster a meaningful workplace, thriving employees and clients, and amazing team work. Similar methods facilitate success at Google, Facebook, Intel, Shell, and LinkedIn. 

Use these methods to create meaningful, innovative, and lasting success for your organization and community
We will create self-knowledge, mastery, and responsive leadership through thoughtful introspection. This process creates enlightened answers, focus, motivation, and leadership in your field.

Lead from ahead - leadership in your field
Find out what empowers you about your work, what to provide for the greater good, how to provide your services as you move ahead, and what your success and excellence will look like now and in the future.

How it works - creating transcendent leadership
We marry management-intelligence and emotional-intelligence to create transcendent leadership. Transcendent leadership, is the driving force which structures your organizational vision and operational values to create your competitive advantage. This powerful force will help you and your employees to become leaders in your field. It will also provide the focus, enjoyment, and resilience needed to complete tasks effectively with greater efficiency and fewer resources.

Strengthen leadership for employees and leaders
This process also creates alignment between vision, values, and action. Strength in a brand and organization occurs when organizational and employee values are aligned with action.

Lasting success and legacy with less time and resources
Employees become leaders who come to work fully energized, focused, and productive because their values are aligned and their contributions are meaningful. This creates lasting success, as employees are constantly motivated to innovate and thrive, and serve your business base and community needs. Sandra's methods shave weeks and months off your change initiatives.

Grow your business
Your client base grows because employees, customers, and clients are drawn to organizations which serve through their strengths and values.

Sandra's competitive advantage

  • 20 years of expertise developing:
    • Leaders who are successful in their field
    • The vision and strengths you require to be an even greater leader with:
    • Methods that uniquely meet your needs and are scientifically proven by clients to:
      • Create success
      • Be potent and easy to use
      • Work quickly and effectively with fewer resources and time than methods developed by other practitioners
  • Care about the success, health, wellbeing, and excellence of the individual, team, organization, your clients/customers, and our local and global communities
  • Ensure we meet your specific needs, and continue to innovate so that we are continually ahead of the curve
  • Sandra has unique gifts which enable her to further develop and cater to individual, team, and organizational needs. 

Ensure your personal and organizational success
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  • Proven Success
  • Science-Based
  • Neuroscience
  • Positive Psychology
  • Mindfulness
  • Mindful Leadership
  • Servant Leadership
  • Responsive Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership Training
  • Business Development
  • Success Coaching
  • Successful Business
  • Business Consulting
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